No 77

The Right Honourable Charles William Wynne having generously given a writership to be contended for by any Boy in the Sixth Form at Westminster, who chose to enter into competition, on Wednesday February 7th and Thursday the 8th.  Six Candidates, Davis, Escombe, Bailey and Findlater T.B. but Home Boarders and Froude and Allen K.S. were examined in the Library by Dr Batten President of Haylebury College and Messrs Tyler and Cramer of Oxford – the subjects of Examination were the Greek and Latin Classics, Geography and Mathematics.  The Examination lasted from ½ past 8 till 5 o’clock on Wednesday and being again resumed at 8 on Thursday having terminated about one o’clock on that day in favour of Escombe – Wednesday being an early Play every Boy who chose was permitted to be present at the Examination, and the Sixth Form only on Thursday –

Dr Goodenough, Mr Preston together with Mr Wynne, some of the Ushers, and their Friends were present – In a very eloquent speech at the close of the Examination the principal Elector declared both himself and his co-adjutors to be highly pleased with the performance of several candidates.

G. Chetwynd
Head Boarder

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