No. 551

At water Scoones was Head and got together a very fair four to take down to Henley, where we won the first heat but were beaten in the final, The results of the other races were-

Scratch fours

                V.H. James

                P.M. Francke Q.S.

                J. Watt Q.S.

G. Berens (st.)

Cox: H. Wilkins Q.S.

School Pairs

                Bow. W.S. Davis T.B

                St. R. Armitage T.B.

                Cox. N.M. Smythe T.B.

Senior Sculls.

                R. Armitage

Junior Sculls.

                J. Watt.

TB. Rudder

                W.S. Davis

                O. Scoones

                N.M. Smyth cox.

The four at Henley  The Eight
T.BO. ScoonesSt.O. ScoonesT.B 
T.BR. Armitage3.S.H. ClarkeQ.S 
T.BG. Berens2.R. ArmitageT.B 
T.BA.E. CrewsbowA.E. CrewsT.B 
Q.SG.G. PhillimorecoxG. BerensT.B 
   W.S. DavisT.B 
   J. WattQ.S 
   C.F. RogersQ.S 
   G.G. Phillimore. coxQ.S 

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