No. 462

Football Matches Xmas Term 1880

September 29th XI v XXII

XI won by 3 goals (Bury Bain Stephenson) to love.

October 9th         v P.G.L. Webb’s XI

Westminster wob by 3 goals (Bain Bury Stephenson) to 1

October 20th       v S. Norwood

Westminster won by 3 goals (Bury (2) Ingram) to 1

October 28th       v Remnants

Remnants won by 2 goals to love

October 30th       v R.M.C. Sandhurst

R.M.C. won by 2 goals to 1 (Bury)

November 3rd     v Old Wykehamists

Drawn 1 all (Bury)

November 6th     v Upton Park

Upton Park won by 4 goals to love

November 10th v Old Carthusians

Old Carthusians won by 1 goal to nothing

November 13th v Clapham Rovers

Westminster won by 3 goals (Bury Bain Ingram) to 1

November 17th v Wanderers

Westminster won by 1 goal (Bury) to nil

November 24th v Casuals

Casuals won by 3 goals to 2 (Morison & Bury)

November 27th  v R. Engineers

R.E. won by three goals to love


The Westminster Eleven consisted of

xH.N. Robson (captain) & F.C. Ryde (backs), xR.C. Batley and TS.A. Bird (half-backs), xW.A. Burridge and xR.T. Squire (right), TW.W. Bury C.F. Ingram (centre) xTF.W. Bain xTG. Stephenson  (left wing) H. Wetton (goals)

xGot their pinks last year               TQ.SS

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