No. 413


The football season opened, as usual, with the XI and XXII, on Oct. 8th. Which resulted in a victory for XXII (1 goal to none).


The Eleven

H.C. Benbow (Capt:), W.T. Sandwith (goals), H.N. Robson, F.G. Clarke (backs), A.C. Whitehead, R.C. Batley (half-back), F.W. Janson, W.A. Burridge, C. Ingram, F.W. Bain, and W.W. Bury.


The Twenty-two

T.D. Rumball (capt:), Sikes, Reece, W. Stephenson, G. Stephenson, M. Petrocochino, Scoones, Squire, and Stuart-Edwards (backs), Tepper, H.S. Jones, F.C. Ryde (half-backs), Crowdy, Heath, W.L. Benbow, Wetton, Higgins, Brandon, Hoskins, Foster, Fulcher, Adams (goals).



Nine v. Fifteen.

On Wed: Oct: 22nd in favour of the Nine.

Nine – 2 (Burridge & Janson)

Fifteen – 1 (W.L. Benbow)

Westminster v. Upton Park

On Sat. Oct: 25th

Upton Park – 2

Westminster 1

Westminster v. Old Harrovians

On Sat: Nov: 1st

Westminster – 5

Old Harrovians – 0

Westminster v. South Norwood

On Wed: Nov: 5th

South Norwood – 2 (1 said to be offside)

Westminster – 1

Westminster v. Gitanos

On Sat: Nov: 8th

Westminster – 3

Gitanos – 1

Westminster v. Casuals

On Wed: Nov: 12th

Casuals – 2

Westminster – 0

Westminster v. Clapton Rovers

On Wed: Sat: Nov: 19th 15th

Clapton Rovers – 2

Westminster – 0

Westminster v. Wanderers

On Wed: Nov: 19th

Wanders [sic] – 1

Westminster – 0

Westminster v. Old Carthusians

On Sat: Nov: 22nd

Westminster – 4

Old Carthusians – 2

For further particulars concerning these matches consult the “Football Ledger”

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