No. 383

There was a rule made some time ago that T.BB. should go round by Dean’s Yard and Q.SS. by cloisters from Early Abbey; but T.BB. in the shell have usually gone round by cloisters to avoid the crowd and to get to the houses before the others. On May 5th Burridge, a T.B. in the football eleven, but under 16 and in the remove, went round by cloisters with Westmorland, a T.B. in the shell; and was called up by the Q.S. monitors and in spite of the assurance of Westmorland that it was his (W’s) fault, was tanned, in my absence. I told Scott this, and he said that any such a punishment for such an offence could not be defended, and after speaking to the monitors for some time, said that the rule must be abolished.

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