No. 358

T.B.B. and Q.S.S. cricket match

This was played in Monday, Aug 5th and resulted in a draw. The score was


R.S. Owen b. Wilks 1 Run out 3
G.H. Reece c. Fulcher, b. Westmorland 41 c. Janson b. Hemsley 0
G. Dale b. Wilks 4 b. Hemsley 9
H.C. Benbow Run out 25 c. Janson, b. Hemsley 5
W.F. Sandwith b. Hemsley 0 c. Wilks 0
E.M. Eddis b. Hemsley 4 b. Wilks 0
E.P. Guest b. Wilks 25 b. Janson 23
C. Sandwith b. Janson 5 Not out 8
W. Sercombe c. Fulcher, b. Wilks 17 c. Mirchouse, b. Janson 9
T.D. Rumball Not out 3 b. Janson 11
F.R. Clarke b. Wilks 0 b. Janson 0
  Extras 3   7
    120   80




J. Abernethy b. Owen 32 b. Sandwith 3
H.S. Westmorland c. Owen, b. Eddis 0 st. Benbow, b. Dale 2
A.B.P. Boyd c & b Eddis 3 Run out 21
A.M. Hemsley c. Dale, b. Eddis 6 Run out 31
C.V. Wilks b. Owen 18 Not out 3
F.W. Janson c. Benbow, b. Owen 0 Bowled Sandwith 1
H.N. Robson b. Sandwith 4    
P. Fulcher Run out 11 Not out 1
H. Wetton b. Owen 0    
T. Searmonth c & b Sandwith 3    
G. Mirchouse Not out 3    
  Extras 14 Extras 8
    94   70


If there had been more time, in all probability we should have won, as Boyd and Hemsley were well set, and would not have been run out, had they not been pressed for runs. These two, & Abernethy & Wilks played well for us, Reece, though very small, played a very plucky innings for the Q.S.S.

William Bell

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