No. 334

The play was acted this year on Dec, 18, 18 [sic, 19?], 20, with great success.

On the second night Lord Devon, Sir Robert Phillimore, Canon Farrar, Lords Justices Hannen, Denman, Thesiger, Sir Robert Baggallay, the Master of the Rolls, etc., were among the audience. On the third night the Dean, Canon Duckwood, etc., & Sir Robert Phillimore again, were present.

The Prologue and Epilogue were well received – The former treated of the doings of the School, & the illustrious Westminsters who have died, in the last two years, & upon the subject of the removal of the School. The Epilogue dealt in an amusing manner with the question, mooted some time since, of a Professorship of Research. The acting was very fair all round, through there was none particularly excellent. Robinson, as Syrus, was perhaps the best, & the characters of Demes (T.F.F. Williams) & Sostrata ( C.W. Tepper) were well sustained. The comedy of Colby as Sannio was amusing & much appreciated.

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