No. 324


Oct. 24. Eleven v. Twenty Two

The Eleven won by two goals (Cuppage and Bury) to none.

Oct. 26. Westminster v. Upton Park

Drawn. None to none.

Nov. 3. Westminster v. Old Harrovian

Drawn. Two all (Cuppage).


The Eleven is now filled up –

H. Abernethy (Captain), W.A. Cuppage, R. Mead, H.C. Benbow, P.F.F. Williams, A.M. Hemsley, H.P. Robinson, O. Bury, H.S. Westmorland, J. Abernethy & E.U. Eddis.

Of these 5, A. Abernethy, Hemsley, Bury, Westmorland, & J. Abernethy, are town boys.


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