No. 292

Westminster & Charterhouse 1876

For Cricket matches considered from a Cricket or scientific point of view, the Cricket ledger is undoubtedly the proper place. Other views of the game, the social aspects, & such matters find more fitting place here. On Saturday July 22 1876, The Eleven left Waterloo by the 8.10 train am, but we are anticipating. There is a consideration necessary before Cricket as everything else, namely Breakfast. This meal was provided in each of the houses & in College Hall, to the inmates of the houses & to the Queens Scholars who were to play or score etc.

From the manner in which the meal was served some might be gained into the character of the different masters. Mr James, provided a decent breakfast for the members of his house taking an interest in Cricket as it is fit & proper that a master should. Mr Jones with his accustomed meanness provided a meagre fare for the cricketers belonging to his household. The college authorities supplied ordinary breakfast. Now this may seem a trifling matter, & one unworthy of being put down on paper, but at the same time it probably helped in so small degree to turn the fortunes of the day. We arrived at the Station at about 10.10 & there found a break to convey us up the hill. The heat was something fearful. Every particle of green or rather what ought to have been green was covered with dust, or parched up by the sun. The ground was dry as dry could be.

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