No. 216

By far the most important event this half is the founding of a school paper to contain Westminster news, & articles on subjects connected with the school – Several years ago, there have been school papers, which went on for a short time but seem never to have taken permanent root in the School. As so many others of our large public schools have papers & periodicals, it is but natural that Westminster, which in its past – if not in its present – has held a very high rank among Public Schools, should follow their example.

The first step was the formation of a Committee. It was resolved that it should consist of 12 members, the 4 Monitors in College, the 2 head T.B.B from each of the 3 Houses, 1 other QS senior, & 1 3rd Election, as if all were seniors, no one would be left after election who would know how to manage the Paper. The Committee accordingly consists of:

1. E. V. Arnold QS Capt Editor (pro term)
3. W.C. Ryde QS Monitor Hon. Sec-
4. W.H.A. Cowell QS Monitor  
2. P.G.L. Webb QS Monitor  
5. E.G.B. Phillimore TB Monitor Grant’s
7. F.L Denman TB Monitor Grant’s
6. E.M. Rodocanachi T.B. Rigaud’s
11. N.C. Bailey T.B. Rigaud’s
9. A.B. Cartwright T.B. H.B
10. H.M.C. McPherson T.B. H.B
8. G.M. Hill QS Treasurer
12. G.H. Alington QS Capt. 3rd Election


The figures refer to their order in the school.

The Committee meets weekly on Saturday mornings for business.

The paper for this term occupies only 8 sheets, & its price is for the present fixed at 6d. (It is printed by a printer in Millbank St.) Of course a reduction in price & enlargement of the paper is a great desideratum & this might be secured by having a cheaper printer, as well as by getting – as we must get – a larger circle of subscribers; but the consideration of these matters is deferred till next half, as our balance is at present but small, & there are various other difficulties in the way. The frontispiece for the paper has been most artistically designed by C.F. Brickdale Q.S. (Senior). It consists of the school arm, with the Abbey, Victoria Tower, the Westminster Monument, the Abbey, & the School, in the background. A loan subscrip. has been raised for this, the members of the VIth contributing largely.

The subscripn till the end of the year is 3s (3s 6d with postage). A July and an August number have been issues & are altogether a great success.

Numerous old Westminsters have sent in or promised their subscriptions. It is indeed hoped that such a good beginning with secure future prosperity & a long existence to the paper – so that its name may be inseparably connected with the school. Floreat!

Egerton G.B. Phillimore. P.O

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