No 38

The Coronation July 19th 1821

At this ceremony, by his Majesty’s desire the whole school, Town boys as well as Kings scholars, contrary to all precedent, were present. Most excellent seats were allotted to us, separate from the Kings scholars, close to the Peeress’s seats, on the east side of Poets corner in full view of the throne, tho’ not of the altar which lay nearly behind us. We all met in school at ½ past five in the morning, and from thence, being divided into 4 companies, proceeded immediately to the Abbey to witness this magnificent ceremony. – On our return from thence about four o’clock, names were called over, & to prevent any disturbance, all were locked up at six in the evening: the sixth and shell having leave to go out from ½ past 8 till ½ past eleven to see the fireworks and illuminations. – Wednesday, the day before the Coronation was a late play, and Friday the day following a whole holyday.

 William Heberden Princeps Oppidanus

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