No. 111

The Cricket Eleven this summer was composed as follows:-

Northcote, E. A. (captain). Q.S.

Bray, E.      Q. S.

Curteis, H.           T. B.

Saunders, F. N.                  Q. S.

O’Brien, F. A.                      Q. S.

Eddis, B. U.                         Q. S.

Barron, H.                            Q. S.

Curteis, R. M.                     T. B.

Haden, F. S.                        Q. S.

Basham,                               T. B.

Wakley, T.                           Q. S. (supernumerary)

Lee, J. H.                              T. B.


N.B. This was a remarkably successful Eleven.

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