No 17

After a short and sudden illness on the 29th day of August 1818. The Revd J.W. Dodd departed this life in the 57th year of his age having been usher of the school 34 years.  To perpetuate whose memory the Boarders and Mrs Packharniss’ erected a monument in the east cloister of Westminster Abbey. The following are the names of the subscribers.


G. Bowen

C. Floyer

R. Berners

P.J. Ferrers

R.B. Berens

T.J. Wyld

T.H. Dyke

A.B. Lechmere

W.P. Knight

B.B. Williams

J.C. Grainger

T.J. Rocke

A.W. Gregory

C.J. Gooch

C. Markham

W.T. Wyld

R. Drummond


W. Dowdeswell

H. Arbuthnot

P.R. Hoare

C.B. Curties

N.M. Ellis

G.R. Paul

B. Tabbot

C.W. Tryon

E. Ombler

W.P. Amherst

F. Amherst

T. Tryon

S. Smith

G. Fludyer

William Money

T. L. Freer

B.C. Money


C.O.S. Morgan

G. Arbuthnot

M. Tierney

Viscount Stormont

G. Thomton

H. Brown

A. Corbet

W.N. Gresley

J. Tryon

W.L. Wall

E. D. O’Reily

G.J. Forester

J. Douglas

W. Douglas

F.G.M. Desanges


George Bowen, Head Boarder

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