No 15

The college play being again put off in consequence of the demise of the Queen, the Sixth Dinner was held on this day (Saturday) at Willis’s in St James Street. C. Smith (Half Boarder) President, O. Hamlyn (Boarder) Vice President.

C.A.J. Smith

Princeps Oppidanus

The annual list of the Sixth stands this years as follows (1818)

C Smith

G Bowen

C Floyer

R Brickdale

H Heberden

R Williamson

JS Jervis

H Withy

J Horne

R Burton

E Rowlandson

R Berners

R Barrington

G Ferrers

W Sterling

O Hamlyn

B Hall

W Alfrey

J Pocklington


B Berensley

J Wyld



C Loyd

W Williamson




Princeps Oppidanus

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