No. 9

The subjects for the Whitsuntide Exam are this time:

Thucydides – Bk VI

Aeschylus – Eumenides

Homer Iliad VII – XII

Epistle to the Romans

Livy – Bk VI

Juvenal Sat: I.III.IV.V.VIII

Virgil – Georgics

Gibbon’s Roman Text to page 397

Davison on Prophecy Page 169 to end

W. Winters

Prin. Opp.

No 575

Scott told us that for the future (dating from Whitsuntide 1861) early plays would be done away with and that as a compensation for it, the half past seven school during the summer half year would be done away with. It is only an exchange for the worse during the summer half year on account of the cricket matches. Early Abbey is also done away with, and an early service on Saints-days [initiated?] instead.

J.L. Swale

Prin. Opp.

No 557

We were surprised one night this half by being called in before Scott and Marshall and questioned as to the immorality of the school in general and College in particular. After leaving us Scott proceeded to Weare’s, having previously been to Rego’s, where he remained till 3 o’clock in morning investigating. All the Q.Ss were kept up in Upper and Under Election Rooms, Bowing and Joyce remaining with them to prevent communication. In the morning very few Q.Ss appeared in School and at 9, 17 Q.Ss went to College Hall to be reprimanded or have sentences passed by the Deans. Five seniors were sent away (Pratt, O’Brien, Stainhope, Henderson and Upperton). And 4 Q.Ss and one T.B rusticated till Lent Whitsmuntide (Mackey, Balfour, Walker, Maurice, and Parker TB). Eleven of 12 others were operated on in the library. We had hopes that this would not stop the play but they did not last long for Scott soon told us that there would be none. Not long after this news Scott informed us that in consequence of an anonymous letter which he had received stating that “some scholars were in the habit of frequenting the Westminster Tavern for the purpose of playing billiards”, that he did not intend to investigate further but for the future no one was to go out of Deans Yard except to Ginger’s, Sutcliff’s, […] after dinner.

J. C. Hawkshaw

Pr. Opp.

No 543

The subjects for the Whitsuntide Examination were:

Homer, Books 7-12, Iliad

Virgil, Books 7-12

Thucydides, Book 4

Euripides, Alcestis

Cicero in Verrem II.5

Juvenal Satires,

Epistle to the Galatians with Acts 15-28

Liddell’s History of Rome, page 412 to end

Subject for the Ireland Prize “Columbus”

For Greek Iambic Prize Milton, Paradise Lost Book 4

“Thou that, with surpassing glory crowned –

To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heaven.”

For Latin Prose Speech of Tib. Sempronius Gracchus on his Agrarian Bill