No 169

The Revd Mr Braine having obtained the Mastership of a school at Camberwell*, resigned his place as Usher at Westminster, and in consequence Miss Stelfox’s Boarding House was left without an Usher, and Williamson not chusing to engage an Usher to supply his place, caused Miss Stelfox’s Boarding House to be shut up and the Boys in it to be distributed between the Houses kept by Miss Scott and the Revd Mr Bentall.

Richard Pelham Warren

Princeps Oppidanus

*The school of which Braine obtained the mastership was at Stockwell and not Camberwell

Rob. H. Hurst

No 29

On Wednesday the 26th of January 1820 Mr Edward Murray filled up the vacancy as an Usher of Westminster occasioned by the resignation of the Revd E Smedley, who for upwards of forty years had discharged that office, with care and attention, and owing to his advanced years had withdrawn himself from that situation at the Christmas preceding.

Robert L Burton Princeps Oppidanus