No 256

This year Eton did not send us any challenge to row them. Probably they did not challenge us because there was a great deal of scarlet fever in the school, which must have greatly hindered their rowing. Roberts had just built us a beautiful new boat, suited to our strength. And people who had seen the Etonian crew, allowed that we should have had a very good chance with them.
The eight was then as follows:
Smith QS
Simpson QS
Randolph QS
Beasley TB
Goolden QS
Haggard QS
Deacon TB
Prout Stroke QS
Hallet steerer TB

N.G. Smart
Prin. Opp.

No 159*

Another sailing match took place, subsequently to those already mentioned – the following were the boats engaged in the contest.

General Hurst Osborn
Colonel Preston Astley
Commodore Milman Lowther Sen.
Captain Bewicke Somerton
Admiral Warren Vialls

The Boats after a beautifully contested race (the two first boats, having been side by side the whole way down to Roberts’) came in, in the following order. 1 General – 2 Colonel 3 Commodore 4th Captain 5th Admiral. This was the last race of the season of that description though it is hoped that they may be resumed every year.

Added by
C. D. Osborn

No 159

On the 13 June 1834 another match was sailed between five half deckers also manned by Town Boys

The Commodore Bewicke and Somerton
The General Milman and Lowther
The Colonel Preston and Astley
The Captain Warren and Vialls
The Admiral, Hurst and Osborne

This race was won by the Commodore, the General coming in 2nd and the Colonel, Captain and Admiral third, fourth and fifth.

R.P. Warren
Prin. Opp.

No 158

On Thursday June 12th 1834 a match was sailed between 4 half deckers of Roberts’s manned by Town Boys, the boats were,

The Commodore, Milman and Lowther
The Admiral, Bewicke and Somerton
The Captain Hurst and Osborne
The Colonel Preston and Astley

The match was won by the Commodore, the Colonel and the Captain coming in second and third, the Admiral being forced to desist from the race in consequence of springing a leak.

R.P. Warren P.O.

No 150

On Friday August 2nd a new eight oared boat was launched from Roberts, and after a bottle of wine had been broken over her bow she was christened the ‘Victoria’ amidst the enthusiastic cheers of all the Westminsters. In the evening eight fellows picked out of the whole school, rowed her up to Putney steered by an old Westminster of the name of White, where he generously gave a most splendid dinner to his crew, and a few other Westminsters who happened to be there. The evening was passed with the utmost conviviality and the health of the generous host was drank with enthusiastic cheers, he also gave a breakfast on the following morning to those who had shared his hospitality on the preceding evening. The names of those who rowed in the ‘Victoria’ were

R Warren
*Barnes Sen

Those marked with an asterisk were Kings Scholars.

E U Sealy
Head Boarder

No 142

This year (1833) Williamson, in consequence of a great many fellows being out of school with the Influenza, endeavoured to put a stop to our going on the water by sending a note to Roberts ordering him not to let out any boats to us. We however went on in a boat belonging to Searle as also the King’s Scholars.

Roberts told Williamson of it, who at first said he would pass it over in silence, but having altered his mind, the next day sent for the names of those who had gone on. These being given him, he set both KS and TBs 300 lines to learn by heart, kept us in at Easter, and made us shew ourselves every night at 6 oclock. He flogged our steerer (Astley) who was in the fifth, and when we went up to defend him, by saying, that it was not so much by his own as by our wish that he had gone on, he set us another 100 lines to learn. The names of the fellows in our boat were –

Astley for steerer

E U Sealy
Head Boarder