No 547

The List of the School at the same time was-

Grant’s (Rev. Marshall)

Rigauds (Rev. James)

Scott’s (- Scott)


Total                                                                                                                      ____________________


Pr. Opp.

No 509

The following were the numbers of the school before Whitsuntide 1855:

Grants (R.J. Marshall) 37

Rigaud’s (R.B. James) 23

Scott’s (Lloyd) 7

& the rest homeboarders making in all 93 Town Boys.

The following were the numbers before Whitsuntide 1856.

Grants (Rev. J. Marshall’s) 36

Rigauds (Rev. B. James) 27

Scotts’ (F. Headlam Esq.) 7

& the rest homeboarders, making in all 86 T.B.s.

A.F. Pope

Pr. Opp.

No 199

Williamson having discovered that in the sculling match just mentioned the fellows had all rowed in boats which were not Robert’s immediately sent for the Captain (Richards) and for Somerton (Head of the TB) and told them that he was willing to forget what had happened if they would pledge themselves on the part of the K.S. and T.B. that the 6th fellows should not in future infringe the rules which he had a year or two ago made for the regulation of the water; stating that if they refused to do so he should stop the water. In consequence of this communication the pledges required were given. Williamson stated that he included the Home Boarders in the regulations for which see the Water Ledger No __

Somerton H.B.

No 136

On Wednesday Decr 12th the sixth dinner was held as usual at Ginger’s Hotel, in Bridge Street.  It was served at 6 o’clock in a way to give satisfaction to all present and was kept us with great spirit till 9 o clock.  Three of the most respectable Homeboarders were invited.

E U Sealy President

R. Milman (Homeboarder) vice president

E U Sealy
Head Boarder