No 75

In consequence of a fellow of the name of H.H. Davis head boy of the T.B. but a Home-boarder, have mal-appropriated if not the whole, certainly a part of both the Cricket and Football Money, neglecting to pay both Bentley and Foote and this bringing obloquy on the TB, it was deemed expedient by the whole Sixth Form that in future no Home-boarder should be allowed to gather either the one of the other, or in fact any subscription whatever —-

G. Chetwynd
Head Boarder

No 73

After the ineffectual attempt that was made last year the close of the present was distinguished by the revival of the Sixth Dinner after an intermission of 6 years; if directed with a little caution there is every probability that it will again by established into a custom.  It was held as formerly at the Thatched House and three of the most respectable Home boarders were invited.  Mitchell was president and Davis, Home boarder, vice president.  The Dinner was served at 6 o’clock precisely and was kept up with the greatest spirit until 9 o’clock.

J. Mitchell
Head Boarder


Ld Kerry, Lendon and Levett were absent at the time of dinner, from Westminster on account of ill-health.