No 222

On the 12th of December, being the 2nd play night, the annual sixth dinner was held, after a lapse of 2 years, at the Café de L’Europe in the Haymarket. It was very well served up and pretty moderate as to price, so as to give general satisfaction. So few were the sixth numbers that it was found desirable to dine with the Upper Shell of whom 2 attended viz Curteis and Smith

F Byron

F. Byron was President
A. Pollock (Home Boarder) vice-President
Added by F Byron
Prin Opp

No 182

On the 9th of December being the 2d play night, the annual 6th Dinner was held at the Café de L’Europe in the Haymarket where it was held last year. It was very inferior and exorbitantly dear. So few fellows were in the 6th it was found necessary to ask of the Upper Shell

The list of the 6th at Christmas 1835

*J R Turner
C.D. Obsorn
* F Turner
* H Lee
* A McKenzie
BG Astley
J D’Oyley

Those marked * are Homeboarders

C.D. Osborn HB

No 171

On Wednesday Dec. 10th the annual sixth dinner took place as usual, but in consequence of the threats denounced against it by Williamson it was through proper to leave the place when it had been lately held, both in consequence of its proximity to Westminster and its being known as the usual place for the dinner it was this year held at the Café de L’Europe on the Haymarket where it was served at in a manner to give universal satisfaction. It was kept up till half nine with great spirit.

R.H. Hurst President
C. Bewicke Vice President
All the Boarders attended.

R.H. Hurst
Prin Opp.