No 100

Tho’ Ditch Leaping was prohibited by Goodenough last year, it was carried into effect as usual on the 1st and 17th of March (1829) the 1st the weather was so very severe that only five went, but on 17th a larger field assembled tho’ still few in number from the number out of school with colds, coughs, measles &c there has been more illness lately in the school than has been known for many years.

E.H. Greathed
Prin. Opp.

No 87

It having come to Goodenough’s ears by some means or other unknown to us, that the fellows loitered about the Red House both previous to and after going a Ditch Leaping and that one or two fellows indulged rather freely in Spirituous liquors he had thought fit to forbid Ditch leaping but it is to be hoped (as it is not the first time it has been forbidden and carried into effect the following year) that the fellows will still keep it up although perhaps not in quite so public and exposed a manner.

David Mure
Head Boarder