No 151

On Wednesday December 11th the sixth dinner was held as usual at Ginger’s Hotel in Bridge Street. The party consisted of all the Boarders in the Sixth with two homeboarders who were invited to join them. It was kept up till 9 o’clock with the greatest spirit.

E U Sealy President
R Milman (Homeboarder) Vice President

E U Sealy
Head Boarder

No 136

On Wednesday Decr 12th the sixth dinner was held as usual at Ginger’s Hotel, in Bridge Street.  It was served at 6 o’clock in a way to give satisfaction to all present and was kept us with great spirit till 9 o clock.  Three of the most respectable Homeboarders were invited.

E U Sealy President

R. Milman (Homeboarder) vice president

E U Sealy
Head Boarder

No 124

This year Williamson endeavoured to put a stop to the sixth dinner by a threat of severely punishing all who attended it.  It was nevertheless carried into execution and was held at Ginger’s hotel in Bridge Street.  Homeboarders as usual were invited.  The dinner was served up in a manner to give universal satisfaction at ½ past seven and was kept up till ten.  All the boarders attended with the exception of 4 who feared to join the party.  Their names were Templer, Cornish, Parker and Harrison — Abm Borradaile President,  T Blackall Vice President.

Abm Borradaile

Princeps Oppidanus

No 73

After the ineffectual attempt that was made last year the close of the present was distinguished by the revival of the Sixth Dinner after an intermission of 6 years; if directed with a little caution there is every probability that it will again by established into a custom.  It was held as formerly at the Thatched House and three of the most respectable Home boarders were invited.  Mitchell was president and Davis, Home boarder, vice president.  The Dinner was served at 6 o’clock precisely and was kept up with the greatest spirit until 9 o’clock.

J. Mitchell
Head Boarder


Ld Kerry, Lendon and Levett were absent at the time of dinner, from Westminster on account of ill-health.

No 32

The sixth dinner having last year been carried on so openly as to render it in the Dr’s opinion, impossible to be winked at any longer, he laid down his strict prohibition upon it. And in consequence of the threat of expulsion which he held out to anybody and all that should be engaged in it combined with other reasons, it was this year dropped entirely. Though not without great animadversion upon the conduct of Dr Goodenough in thus having put an end to a custom which has been so long established and so long winked at by the Head Master.

William Allfrey Princeps Oppidanus