No 176

Ditch-leaping was this year, in order to lull the suspicions of the master, deferred to March 17th when this ancient custom was kept up by a large assemblage of fellows. In consequence of there being names at 11 o’clock (as usual on early plays) we were much hurried, and the KS fearful of being late returned sooner than usual having gone about half the usual distance. But the T.B. with great spirit determined to go the usual round which they accomplished in excellent time.

C. Bewicke HB

No 154

As we thought it very probably that Williamson would endeavour to prevent Ditch leaping on the 1st of March – it was agreed to go on Saturday 15th of February which was an early play – a pretty good show of TBs and KS were assembled, considering the lowness of the school, and again succeeded in keeping up a custom which the masters have so long endeavoured to prevent —

E U Sealy
Prin. Opp.