No. 109

The subjects for Examination of the Sixth at Whitsuntide were as follows:-

Homer, Iliad. VII, VIII, IX.

Virgil, Aeniad. VII, VIII, IX

Horace, Epistles Bk. I

Demosthenes contra Midian.

Westcote’s “Bible in the Church.”

Tacitus, Hist. II.

Sophocles, Philoctetes.

Greek Test. Epistles to Philippians, Ephesians &c

Thierry’s “Norman Conquest” Bk. I.

No. 108

At the end of this term, as Mr Marshall had signified his intention of giving up the house, which he had directed for 21 years, he was presented with a testimonial subscribed to solely by Grantites (Q.S. + T.B.) at present in the school. The testimonial consisted of a bronze clock & candelabra and a silver inkstand bearing the inscription

“ Viro Reverendo, J. Marshall, M. A.

Scholae Westmonasteriensis Magister

Dono dabant

Pietatis ergo

In Amicum, Tutorem, Patrem

Nuperrime sub faustis nutriti penetralibus”

Mr Marshall expressed himself as much pleased with this mark of our respect.

No. 105

The T. B. + Q. S. foot-ball match was played at Vincent Square on Mar. 11th resulting in the Q. S. getting three goals to our one.

T. B.

Curteis, H. (Captain)

Lee, G. H.

Vidal, W.

Stephenson, C.

Randall, W. S.

Pemberton, R. L.

Loch, J.

Short, M.

Rawson, W. S.

Busk, T.

Haden, H.


Q. S.

Randolph, E. S. L. (Captain)

Giles, E.

O’Brien, J. A.

Saunders, J. N.

Barronm H.

Haden, J. S.

Dasent, G. M.

Lefroy, W. C.

Gilbertson, D.

Cope, E.

Rawson, H. E.

Barron, Randolph, Saunders + Curteis got the goals.