No 526

This year we had the Triplett Exhibitions for the first time. They are about £50 in value, this in number, last for three years, at either Oxford or Cambridge, & are open to Q.Ss and T.Bs indiscriminately.  But Q.Ss elected to Christ Church will not be able to hold the Tripletts; a Christ Church studentship being considered too good a thing to be held with a Triplett.

There is also a smaller exhibition called Dean Thomas’ able on similar conditions.

The exhibition may be withheld if there are no candidates properly qualified in character & attainment.

The Examination Subjects for the Sixth at Whitsuntide 1857 were: Demonsthenes Olymthiacs, Livy Book III 1-58; Liddells History of Rome Pages 1-411; Sophocles Antigone; last ten chapters of the Act & last ten of the Hebrews; Homer the first parts The first books of the Illiad and the first 6 of the Aenied. Horace’s Ars Poetica & 2nd Book of Satires. Subject for the Dean Freeland Prize Latin Hexameter “Tri[?] Exodus”, Latin Prose “The advantage offering a [travel?]” Greek Iambics out of the [register?].

The Triplett Exhibitions were got by Tringham Q.S., Spencer Q.S.; Dean Thomas’ by W. Maples, BB.

A.F. Pope Pr. Opp.

No 524

This year the Town Boys acquired the privilege of reading Epigrams with the Queen Scholars in Hall at the end of this half. As this is never till Tuesday night it will be of no use to T.B.s; The Q.Ss stay till Wednesday morning; but there will only be one or two T.Bs staying for the Tripletts who will make use of it.

A.F. Pope. Prin. Opp.

No 522

Changes have been made this year in the Challenges. The last challenge takes place about the same time as it has always done; but it is not decisive, as there are examinations for the Minor Candidates after it, which influences the order; consequently we didn’t have chairing until the 27th of April, long after the last challenge. We had the Min. can. early play after the last challenge.

A.F. Pope. Prin. Opp.

No 521

This year St David’s day fell on a Sunday: we had an early play on the 28th of Feb.

There was no ditch leaping.

On the fifth of March we had an early play on Gibbert, an Old Westminster obtaining a first class at Oxford. On the 17th we had one asked for by Lord Lansdowne; & on the fourth of April (Saturday) we had one to see the Oxford and Cambridge race. The eight went up to see the race.

This year there was leave out on Good Friday. We had leave out from Sat. at 12 till Easter Monday night instead. I believe this is to be the regular rule for the future.

A.F. Pope Princeps Oppidanus

No 519

This year Shrove Tuesday unfortunately fell on a Saintsday, St Matthias; we went into Abbey in the morning as usual on a Saintsday, & went up school afterwards to try for the Pancake. It was seen by Catt Q.S. the head of the masters. There were several ladies & gentlemen up school at the time; the first time that the Pancake has ever, I believe, been made at all a public performance.

A.F. Pope. Prin. Opp.