No 459

I received a challenge from Charterhouse the other day in which Parish, the Captain of the Charterhouse Eleven said that they were anxious to gain their lost laurels, which I answered to the following effect, that as the Old Westminsters were for the most part averse to the match it was not possible to continue it, by that means I don’t suppose the Captain of the Eleven will be troubled any more with a challenge.

C.G. Lane

Prin. Opp.

No 457

Liddell called us into the Library the other morning before breakfast together with the Monitors to let us know the real statistics of an occurrence which had come to his ears through the medium of James. It appeared that some 4 or 5 small Town Boys in the Fourth had persuaded several of their companions to enter upon a speculation in which they told them they were sure to win money and also that they would not be true Westminsters if they did not gamble; a great deal more came out after a long series of cross examinations, they were all severely reprimanded by Liddell, the lesser ones for being such dupes, and the others were flogged.

 C.G. Lane

Prin. Opp.

No 456

We received a challenge from Eton the other day in which Standing, the Captain of the Eton Boats, said that their Head Master did not object to the race between the two schools being continued, and he felt sure that if Liddell could consent a race might be brought about. Our Eight however, feeling certain that Liddell would not give his sanction wrote back to say they could not race.

C.G. Lane

Prin. Opp.

No 452

The subject for the prize essay is this year “Mithridates” for the Latin Verse “Etruscan Tombs” and for the Greek Iambics Shakespeare Henry V Act I Se. 2.

The subjects for the Sixth at the general Examination at Whitsuntide are

Plato, Apology of Socrates

Sophocles, Ajax

Cicero, Murena

St Luke’s Gospel

Shepwell’s Greek, Roman & English

History to the End of James II

Euclid, Algebra, Arithmetic.

O Salvin.

Prin. Opp.