No 436

This day Au 5th was the annual Town Boy and Queen Scholar match which ended in favour of the latter by 17 runs. For further particulars see Cricket Ledger. The following are the names of the Players on the Town Boy side.

B. Berens
A. Salvin
E. Fellows
P. Skipworth
S. Fellows
Hon E. Bourke

R. B. Berens Prin. Opp.

No 434

Weare the other day called Twiss the captain up to him, and told him he would be much obliged to him, if he (Twiss) and Berens would do all in their power to get up the Eleven. Lord Paget had asked for an early play, but Liddell said the Eleven was so bad, it was not worth Lord Paget’s while to bring down an eleven. Rather odd of the Masters asking two of the Eight to get up the Eleven.

R. B. Berens
Prin. Opp.

No 433

On our return this half June 10th we were extremely sorry to find that Marshall Master of the Shell was prevented, by severe illness, from attending to his form, and that he would not return for some time. Rev. Weare attended to the house for a short, and when the Oxford men came up Rev. G Marshall kindly superintended his brother’s house and Lloyd took the Shell.

R. B. Berens
Prin. Opp.