No 142

This year (1833) Williamson, in consequence of a great many fellows being out of school with the Influenza, endeavoured to put a stop to our going on the water by sending a note to Roberts ordering him not to let out any boats to us. We however went on in a boat belonging to Searle as also the King’s Scholars.

Roberts told Williamson of it, who at first said he would pass it over in silence, but having altered his mind, the next day sent for the names of those who had gone on. These being given him, he set both KS and TBs 300 lines to learn by heart, kept us in at Easter, and made us shew ourselves every night at 6 oclock. He flogged our steerer (Astley) who was in the fifth, and when we went up to defend him, by saying, that it was not so much by his own as by our wish that he had gone on, he set us another 100 lines to learn. The names of the fellows in our boat were –

Astley for steerer

E U Sealy
Head Boarder

No 139

On Friday 4th of Janr 1833, Williamsons marriage with the daughter of (Grey) Bishop of Bristol took place. Williamson had been previously asked to give us an extra week’s holyday which with his accustomed liberality he refused, but promised them at some future period, — As however the present seniors would not be benefitted by any holydays after Whitsuntide he gave us an early play at the beginning of this half year

E U Sealy
Head Boarder